My sister and her family introduced Pfeiffer Big Sur camping to the rest of our family. Each summer she books a week and different people would join them for a day, a night or the whole week. My daughter, MJ and I went for the first time in 2014 (Summer Waters). A year later, MJ had music camp and couldn’t go (Big Sur Scramble, Big Sur Circuit) so I booked a site for a night and took her and her 2 cousins, A and J (Beyond the Gorge). Again, we duplicated that feat in 2016 (The Big Surious) but made it two nights instead. Most of our time as you can see in the videos, is centered around the creek by the camp and the hike up to the Gorge, a swimming hole complete with a jumping rock.

The Big Surious, July 2016

Beyond the Gorge, July 2015

Big Sur Scramble, July 2015

Big Sur Circuit, July 2015

Summer Waters, July 2014

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