Cycling Con Kimberlita

Sometimes I think that if I were hit by a car while cycling with Kim, she would probably check on my bike first. I had given up the bike life back in college and many, many years later, Kim got me back into it. It’s been many adventures together since.

The Playlist: “The Portland Jaunt” & “Shasta Dam” & “Vista House” videos were on the same roadtrip up to Portland in 2016, “The Wine Valley” included a ride from Napa to Sonoma and Napa to St. Helena, “Santa Cruz Highway 1” is the second year of the SF to Santa Cruz ride, “Lake Del Valle” was a nice leisure ride with a long climb in very hot weather while opposite of that was “Mt. Tam” which left us both freezing on the descent, the “San Gregorio and Pescadero Loop” is a ride we’ve done twice, the “Pt. Reyes Station Century” was my first true century ride because right below that video is the first time we rode down to Santa Cruz and that one came up short of a century by a few miles as night fell and we rolled into Watsonville-we rode down to Monterey the next day, the last 2 videos are actually the first 2 filmed and it carried a one minute theme. (Not shown: Euro Bike Trip video)