I went to Italy for the first time and it was the right time with the World Expo in Milan. The 4-man trip (Caleb, Jackie, RS) encompassed Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome. I liked Florence (Firenze) so much I decided to stay by myself there for two more nights while the others went off to Rome-we would rendezvous in Paris. A plug here for Vimeo-I deleted the Firenze video from Vimeo and over a year later, I could not find it anywhere. I emailed Vimeo to see if they have it somewhere and within the hour, they replied saying that the video was restored and at no extra charge.

“LYON et MOI”-Visited Lyon for the first time, I love it. It was a solo venture prior to meeting Caleb, Jackie, and RS in Milan (Euro 2014 Italy Videos).

“LYON à PEROUGES”-My host suggested the medieval town, Perouges. So I went.

“BEAUJOLAIS”-Met an amazing young woman who worked for a bike company. She was in Lyon researching routes for a possible ride. I had the privilege of aiding her when a local man and woman tried to steal her cell phone by the River Rhone. The next day, I got to tag along on one of her research rides in the beautiful Beaujolais (wine country) area outside of Lyon. Originally from Denver, Colorado, she resides in France and speaks fluent french.

Lyon et Moi, May 2015

Lyon à Perouges, May 2015

Beaujolais, May 2015

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