Many people think of Paris as the romantic city. I want to think of it as my city especially when I’m there-makes everything comfortable. I’ve seen the sites numerous times but each time there is something else to notice. Paris to me, is sitting with some breakfast or lunch in the Jardin du Luxembourg, watching the clouds go by, the trees sway, the people play, the kids with their boats at the fountain, the joggers, the policemen, the performances, the tourists taking photos, the locals taking a break from work, hearing the sounds of happy kids at the best playground in the city, and enjoying the Jardin’s metal but comfortable chairs.

“SCOOTER DAY”-MJ scooters to Arc de Triomphe & Sacre Coeur. There’s something about your only child in your favorite city…kinda warm and fuzzy. Along for the day is momma and Jackie.

“PARIS”-Shot in a morning’s ride-about 2 hours. And I found the perfect song for my favorite city. I’m just glad I didn’t crash trying to get some lip-sync footages. It’s a song I wrote a few years ago that I recorded quickly on my phone so I wouldn’t forget how it went.

Scooter Day, June 2015

Paris, June 2015

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