First Solo Trip in the Yosemite Valley

Camped by myself for two nights in the Yosemite Valley. After setting up camp, I cycled around the valley and up to Tunnel View-heat and altitude made it a short tough climb but the view up there is always breathtaking. As if the ride was not enough, I hiked up to Vernal Falls via the Mist Trail in my flipflops. The next day, for the first time, I hiked to top of Yosemite Falls (in my Teva’s-got a few nasty blisters). The highlight of the trip is meeting lots of wonderful people and having brief but awesome conversations with them. June 2016.

A Summer Weekend in Yosemite

My second solo 2-night camper in the valley. First day hike to Nevada Falls. Second day, back to Nevada Falls and turn off to Illilouette Fall (never even heard of it) and finish at Glacier Point. Got on the bus but it only went to the Badger Ski area. So I hiked along the road to the valley at 5:30PM. Three miles later after many cars have passed and no offer for a lift, I heard a branch snap just over the side of the road. I crossed the road to see and there was a brown bear digging for ants. Another mile later, that same bus driver earlier gave me a lift down to the valley. When he dropped me off, I remarked that our conversation was worth more than the ride (Ron is a semi-retired tour bus driver who is driving in Yosemite for the summer). If not for Ron, it would have been a 5-mile walk to the 41 turnoff then another 14 miles to Yosemite Village…yikes. I got back to camp at dusk and didn’t get to jump in the river to clean up. A much needed shower was called for at the Curry/Half Dome Village but I didn’t anticipate a $5 fee. July 2016.

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